Sunday, 30 November 2014

Peter's Yard when only the best artisan products will do

You have the finest butter that you can buy, you have the best cheeses that you could find, some really wonderful choice cold cuts, with the tastiest chutneys that are available. 

All helped along by some of the finest organic wines, beers, ports and sherries that you could possibly bring to the table of your guests this Christmas, because you love your guests and want them to be more than happy, you want them to be ecstatic with the food at the party you are hosting.

So what crackers do you supply them with? What? Really? Seriously? Those crackers? The ones over... there?

Oh, no! But surely ordinary cheese biscuits made in an industrial complex rather than a real bakery cannot be served at your party?

That's right, common decency says that they can't! 

So, what to do, instead? What you do is you get yourself to Peter's Yard, Britain's premier Swedish artisan bakery. And buy some real, honest-to-goodness real and properly baked crispbreads!

Your guests will love you for going to and either buying direct from this Shropshire-based centre of baking excellence or learning on the site the location of your nearest stockist.  

And Peter's Yard are also on the lookout for savvy folks to stock their range of crispbreads in their shops, delicatessens, garden centre foodhall, supermarket, farm shops and restaurants, so please do enquire!

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