Sunday, 30 November 2014

Wilkinsons for gifts, decorations and much more

Wilkinson's was founded by James Wilkinson back in the 1930s.

Since then it has served well the generations after generations of shoppers who have visited its hundreds of stores or in more recent years have shopped on line via its easy-to-use and shopper friendly website.

Each year every branch of Wilkinson or Wilko as it is know more widely known, and its website gear up to provide its customers with all the kinds of things they could need to ensure that they, the customers, can give their friends and family members they type of Christmas they deserve.

You'll find the Christmas shop at but  for those of us who still enjoy shopping in the High Street for our Christmas goodies, you can use the handy Store Locator button on the top of the website's first page.

What will you find on line or in your nearest Wilko branch?

Christmas crackers, toys, gifts and more, Christmas decorations (for example, The Wild Wood NOEL decoration that is pictured is available from Wilko at a remarkably modest £5.00) and there are Christmas lights (both for your indoor and outdoor trees) aftershave, perfumes, stocking fillers, that lovely new table that will sit all of the family round it in one sitting, with nobody feeling left out!

See, at Wilko you can not only get what you know you want for Christmas, you can also get things you might have never have even considered as being needed at Christmas but, once you own them, you really can't imagine how you even coped without them, before!

For some really good hints of how to make your own Christmas please take a look at 

There are even specially recorded TV programmes to give you hints and ideas like this one!

So this December follow the link to the Wilko website or follow your feet to the nearest branch. And by the way, if you spend £50 or more, the delivery is free. Please ask for details.

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