Friday, 2 December 2011

Get creative this Christmas Original festive recipe ideas

Ever get bored of serving up the same old seasonal dishes at Christmas? Then why not try this round up of fresh festive serving suggestions. Using firm seasonal favourites like Brussels sprouts and hazelnuts, this round up of original festive recipe ideas are guaranteed to impress guests. And should there be any food left over, we’ve also included a few ‘love your leftovers’ suggestions ideal for turkey, sprouts and spuds

Festive Starters
Brussels Sprouts with Hazelnuts, Potatoes and Ham, served on Sourdough Toasted Bread - Surprise guests with this fresh take on Brussels Sprouts. Boiled until just soft and served on top of toast with ham, Brussels make a wonderful light starter.

Xanthe Clay’s Beetroot-stained Smoked Salmon with beetroot and walnuts – this modern alternative to the traditional smoked salmon starter is great for adding a splash of colour on the festive table

Japanese style Radish and Rare Beef Roll-ups - Featuring ruby red radishes and bright green water cress, these delicious canapés are the perfect colours for a Christmas party spread.

Seasonal Sides
Creamed Brussels sprouts with nutmeg – creamy and full of flavour, this delicious side dish will have even the most adamant Brussels haters begging for more

Tenderstem® with Hazelnut & Orange Butter – Christmas memories are filled with bowls of nuts by the fire and oranges in the bottom of your stocking and this recipe uses both these flavours to create a delicious modern side dish

Jo Pratt’s Tenderstem®, Chantenay Carrot and Brussel Sauté - mix the Brussels up a bit this year with this yummy vegetable sauté

Just desserts
Pink Lady® Apple and Mincemeat Tarts - A lighter alternative to traditional mice pies, these simple tarts combine melt in the mouth pastry filled with fresh apples and mincemeat to give a really fresh twist to a Christmas classic.

Beetroot, Raisin & Stem Ginger Pudding – This is a fabulous wintery pudding for those looking for an alternative to the traditional Christmas pud, and with a bit of custard drizzled on top, looks almost exactly the same.

Love your leftovers
Brussels Sprout and Chopin Potato Croquettes – these tasty croquettes are a great way to use up leftover sprouts

Shallot and Sprout Bubble and Squeak Cakes – use up left over roast potatoes and sprouts with these tasty bubble and squeak cakes. Great with cold turkey and cranberry sauce!

Diana Henry’s Tenderstem® Nasi Goreng - Spice up Boxing Day and beyond with Diana Henry’s Tenderstem® Nasi Goreng. This recipe is guaranteed to be a family favourite and can be easily adapted to suit what you already have in the house i.e. a lot of left over turkey!

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