Sunday, 18 December 2011

Alternative Nativity Costumes Proving Popular According To All Fancy Dress

It used to be the case that children would only wear the traditional kinds of costumes for nativity plays, such as Mary, Joseph and the ‘little donkey’. But, according to costume retailer All Fancy Dress, more and more nativity plays are featuring ‘alternative’ costumes.

According to Marketing Director Matt Foden, "Many of our customers are now purchasing alternative nativity costumes for their children. Indeed it’s not unusual for school nativity plays to feature a whole variety of animals nowadays, including penguins, bears, and even giraffes. And whilst the use of such animals may not be ‘historically accurate’ it’s fair to say that it does encourage more diversity and a sense of playfulness and fun. It’s quite a sight to behold such a wide array of fancy dress costumes on display!"

Sales of the more traditional nativity costumes are still strong however, with the most sought after being Mary, Joseph, and an array of different shepherd outfits. The Little Donkey makes an appearance in the top 10 costumes, as do the three kings.

According to Matt, "It’s great to see that schools are widening the range of animals being featured in nativity plays. Many would argue that it goes against the traditions of Christmas, but personally I think it adds a greater sense of colour and fun to the event."

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