Monday, 26 December 2011

Don't Yell for Yodel!

Don't yell for Yodel! That's the message that many customers are sending to mail order firms like Amazon, Littlewoods, Early Learning Centre, Homebase, Tesco, etc.

Yodel appear not to acknowledge that they have a problem, diverting attention from problems by saying that they made many successful deliveries.

However, there have been far too many examples of deliveries not being made to the intended recipient for utterly ludicrous and dubious reasons. Typical claims are that people were not in to receive the parcel when they were at home. That a card was put through a letterbox, when it wasn't. That because the home they were to deliver to was in a remote rural location they could not find it. Even though the address was, in reality, quite close to the centre of a very busy town!

If you cannot get any sense from Yodel or the firm that you have bought the item from (after all it is THEIR responsibility to ensure that you receive the goods you buy from them!) you can try contacting Consumer Direct who will be able to help tell you either get your goods or your money back.

Complaints to Yodel can be made at

Also if you bought your goods by credit card then under the current laws you can get your money back from the credit card company.

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