Monday, 19 December 2011

Don't condemn £1.1bn of unwanted Christmas gifts to the scrapheap!

Recent research commissioned by the British Video Association shows £1.1 billion worth of unwanted gadget gifts could be destined for the scrap heap by the New Year. A staggering sum which aligns with commissioned research which showed £2.9 billion had been spent on unused or little used items in the last twelve months.

So... what are you going to do with those unwanted Christmas presents that family and friends have very kindly given you, but you simply have no interest in and will never, or rarely, use them? You feel guilty about giving them away and so they sit in your home gathering dust, or at the back of a cupboard, until one day you find a use for them, dispense of them, or simply forget about them.

The simple solution to this is to rent them out and give yourself an additional source of much needed income as you start the New Year. With online listings free for all users until the end of March 2012 – there is literally nothing to lose.

So whether it’s a digital organiser, a bread maker, an electronic sudoku machine, a foot spa or a digital photo frame why not visit, register as a Rentor for FREE, list your unwanted items for FREE – and make a little bit of extra money to pay for those bills in the New Year! enables you to do this and you can list your items for free until the end of March 2012. The website launched on 19th September, and is seeing its membership and listings grow weekly as it sees the effects that the £2.9bn that was wasted on rarely used items in the UK in the last 12 months* is having on personal finances and the environment. The burgeoning market of Collaborative Consumption is, and will continue to, influence our thinking on renting rather than buying.

Warren Heal, Founder of, said, “Most of us feel the pinch after the holiday season and, for this reason, is continuing to give users the opportunity to earn some extra cash by renting out presents and household items that they are either not going to use at all or will rarely use. With our online Listings currently free there literally is nothing to lose, plus users might find something on our site that you may have a temporary use for and can save yourself money by not purchasing your own. We are proud that has recently been named as one of the 40 best new websites that save you money (WebUser Magazine, December 2011), as it proves our concept helps personal finances in these difficult times”.

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