Thursday, 3 October 2013

Buy your smoker a SKYCIG Freedom gift set for Christmas

If you have a smoker in your life, isn't it time they went electronic for the New Year? And what better way to do this then by purchasing them the gift of a SKCIG giftbox this Christmas?

It's designed to simulate the act of smoking but by taking away the nasty cocktail of 4,000 chemicals in the smoke from normal cigarettes! And cleverly only leaving a metered and measured dose of pure nicotine, delivered in water vapour and not clouds of choking smoke!

SKYCIG employs special 'push-to-charge' technology which means more 'smokes' as it has longer-lasting batteries. In fact, the freedom pack from SKYCIG conveniently lets users charge whilst their on the go, and with much more simple charging methods.

SKYCIG has seven great flavours to choose from: Crown Tobacco, Tobacco Gold, Crown Menthol, Vanilla, Crown Cherry, Cinnamon and Classic Tobacco.

SKCYIG e-cigarettes allow them to enjoy the physical act of smoking, without the obvious health implications associated with smoking tobacco, they contain nicotine, delivered in the form of water vapour.

They are said to be the most realistic smoking experience available, and are designed to be enjoyed virtually anywhere they see a ‘no smoking’ sign.

With a range of products now available, from the newly launched White Pack, the original Freedom Pack and the brand new, berry flavoured, nicotine free NRG Pack, there is an e-cigarette to suit their needs.

What’s more,  SKYCIG e-cigarettes costs up to 80% less than traditional cigarettes, leaving them with more money to enjoy the finer things in life!

SKYCIG Freedom are available in three strengths, Bold, Regular and Light.

The SKYCIG Freedom  comes with everything they'll need:
A Rechargeable Case containing 2 batteries on the right and 5 empty slots for cartridges 5 on the left
2 Cigarette Batteries (1 is a spare)
5 Cartridges in assorted flavours (equivalent to more than 7 packs of traditional cigarettes)
A USB battery charger with a Mains Adaptor

The SKYCIG Freedom  is priced at £49.99 and is available to buy on

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