Sunday, 6 October 2013

An ideal Christmas gift for the young history buffs in your family The Lttle Book of Monarchs

The hardback book the Little Book of Monarchs by Tony Boullemier is jam-packed with interesting historical snippets about the men and women who have ruled England since The time of the Normans right down to the present day.

With some amusing illustrations by Adrian Teal this book takes an entertaining gallop through the 947 years of the various monarchs, kings, queens, empresses and other rulers who have ruled England, some well and wisely, others not so.

Read about Matilda and the 'great Anarchy' the fate of Richard I, how King John caused a war with France, how Richard II died, learn who presided over the 1705 Act of Parliamentary Union, find out about the longest-serving monarch and many other fascinating facts.

The Little Book of Monarchs is a fascinating book of 120 pages and will make at excellent and well-informed stocking filler at a remarkably good price of £7.99.

It's published in hardback by Matador and the ISBN is 9781783060856

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