Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Quality Street made for the chocolate lover's Christmas

"A tin of Quality Street, please!" those are the words that are being uttered -with a smile of utter anticipation up and down the length and breadth of the entire United Kingdom as we move, ever quicker, to Christmas Day.

It seems that everyone loves a tin of quality Street. They are ideal for sharing. Fondant centres, toffee,  solid toffees, fudge centred, yes, all your old favourites are still there, still in the same good quality tin as they always have been.

The name, Quality Street, and the illustration on the tin bring back many happy memories of a tin of Quality Street being passed back and forth in front of a roaring coal fire on Chirstmas night, with mother offering a note of caution: "Careful! You'll melt all the chocolates together if you get it any closer to the fire!"

Quality Street. Thankfully, some things do not change.

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