Friday, 23 December 2011

No rest for the thrifty – Shoppers to return to the web on Christmas Day

Although much of the country will have a day off from work on Christmas Day, there will be no recess when it comes to shopping online. It is predicted that £186 million will be spent online on Christmas Day, followed by another £367.8 million on Boxing Day as shoppers look to be among the first to snatch the best bargains in the sales.

Ellen Flood, independent shopping expert from Shopow, said, “Budgets have been tight for shoppers this year and so retailers have responded by rolling out rock bottom prices online and on the high street. But now they have bought presents for friends and family, many will be returning to the online stores at the earliest opportunity to get something special for themselves without breaking the bank.

“There are many discounted items being introduced immediately after Christmas and therefore plenty of bargains to be had. The danger is that shoppers could become desensitised by the idea of lowered prices and may not see the attraction as vividly as previous years. Those stores that did hold their nerve and their prices in the run up to Christmas have their last throw of the dice for this year if they are to recoup earlier losses.”

Shopow is a new revolutionary site that has launched at It is the first Social shopping search engine in the UK and is powered by the impartial reviews and experiences of users; allowing them to make an informed choice about their purchases. The visibility for businesses of all sizes gives shoppers access to a greater range of retailers and products than ever before.

For an informative video about the Shopow concept have a look at this special video introduction:-

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