Wednesday, 21 December 2011

New Aunt Bessie’s Special Roast Potatoes Basted in Duck Fat Take the Palaver Out of Perfect Potatoes For the Festive Season

For those extra special occasions when you simply don’t have time to wash, peel, cut, boil, baste and roast from scratch, or perhaps can't do it, due to a health issue like severe arthritis, take the palaver out of creating perfect roast potatoes with new Aunt Bessie’s Special Roast Potatoes Basted in Duck Fat – ideal for the Christmas family meal.

The fine layer of duck fat makes for crispier, more flavoursome readymade luxury roasties, which are light and fluffy on the inside, yet deliciously golden on the outside, delivering an extra special sublime taste. Plus these supremely tasty roast potatoes contain no artificial colours, or preservatives.

Leading chefs believe if you’ve never tried potatoes roasted in a fine layer of duck fat, you’ve not tasted them at their best. But duck fat can be expensive and hard to find so Aunt Bessie’s is offering a helping hand this Christmas with its new Special Roast Potatoes Basted in Duck Fat, saving you the hassle of hunting supermarket aisles.

Simply pick-up Aunt Bessie’s Special Roast Potatoes Basted in Duck Fat from the frozen aisle, pop in an oven pre-heated to 230°C / 450°F / Gas Mark 8 (fan assisted oven: 210oC / 410oF) and cook for 30 minutes, for roast potatoes that will sit with pride on your Christmas dinner table.

To make preparing Christmas dinner even easier this year, Aunt Bessie’s is offering its top tips on stress-free cooking:

• Plan your menu – Make a shopping list and buy in all the ingredients two days ahead to give yourself a head start.
• Have the right tools for the job – Carving knife, check. Gravy boat, check. Enough freezer space to stock-up on delicious Aunt Bessie’s goodies, check. A pre-shop checklist will save you supermarket stress and leave you cool and collected for the big cook.
• Write a timings plan – No matter how moorish your meat, squishy vegetables just won’t have the same impact. Get your timings spot on by writing a plan in advance or try setting an alarm to alert you to a new action.
• Tidy as you go along – No-one can cope in kitchen chaos. Tidy as you go along to save time after serving and give you room to perfect your festive feast.
• Listen to a soothing soundtrack – Slipping on festive songs to set the mood can be almost as important as the recipe planned.

Ross Longton, Aunt Bessie’s Senior Brand Manager, said: “New Aunt Bessie’s Special Roast Potatoes Basted in Duck Fat are perfect for those extra special occasions and are a great time and money saver, yet no compromise has been made on using quality ingredients. The results are rich, indulgent, incredibly moorish roast potatoes that are sure to be the focus of family meal times and make this festive season extra special.”

Aunt Bessie’s Special Roast Potatoes Basted in Duck Fat will be available at all major supermarkets from 10th October, RRP £2.50 for a 700g bag.

FACTFILE:• Aunt Bessie’s believes that everyone has the right to enjoy traditional family meals, any day of the week and that lack of time or skill should never be a barrier to a proper meal together. Tasty good meals are easy to achieve with Aunt Bessie’s, bringing family, friends and neighbours together to fuel happy lives. Get a helping hand from Aunt Bessie’s.
• Aunt Bessie's Potato Products are produced by Heinz under licence from Aunt Bessie's Ltd, owner of the Aunt Bessie's brand and registered trademarks. Aunt Bessie’s Ltd is part of the William Jackson Food Group.

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