Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Despite economic times some toys and games are selling fast

Pointless, the board game based on Alexander Armstrong’s BBC1 show, where the least popular answer is the winning answer has sold out in many of the major retailers, such as John Lewis, Amazon and WH Smith, with people even bidding on Ebay.  More Pointless games from the 2012 stock are being shipped in to minimise Christmas shoppers disappointment. 

Some business’ always boom in recession and that is particularly true of board games which are seen as a cost-effective alternative to computer games and going out.  Shoppers are still spending and toy retailers are having to deal with demand on increased family-friendly and fun purchases.  

Board games supplier, University Games is seeing exceptional sales this year across all their products.  Mr&Mrs and Who Wants to be a Millionaire are classic big sellers over Christmas time but their new games Pointless, 5 Second Rule and Smart Ass have exceeded all expectations. 

The General Manager of University Games, Adrian Whyles said “the demand for Pointless has been far higher than expected – we’ve exceeded our forecast by over 50% and still could have sold more.  This is mainly brought about by Alexander Armstrong’s show switching from BBC2 to BBC1, and the continually increasing popularity of the show. And plans for the show are even greater in 2012, so there is huge commitment from the BBC.”

Even the PR agency have had calls from shoppers and have sold their last board games!

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