Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Bah Humbug at Christmas?

Almost two thirds (63%) of us admit they’ve stopped sending Christmas cards now, with almost half (48%) preferring to send a Merry Christmas text in their place, according to new research by mobile phone experts,

However, this festive gesture is not appreciated by everyone – the survey which polled 2,000 people reveals that a third (33%) of us despise the impersonal ‘round robin’ Christmas texts. And it’s hardly surprising, with more than one in ten of us (11%) receiving one of these texts from someone we don’t even know.

Christmas Calling Behaviour

Despite the fact that one in five (19%) of us view talking to relatives on the phone as a Christmas Day tradition, the research reveals that we do it begrudgingly. 14% of us feel pressured to talk to family members and one in ten (10%) have ignored their calls so they don’t have to force conversation. However, perhaps mean spirited Brits should make more of this festive time of year, as 11% admit that Christmas is the only time they speak to certain members of their family.

Hannah Bouckley, editor of, comments: “When texting friends and family on Christmas Day, it’s clearly key to keep the messages personal otherwise they may come across as systematic and thoughtless. The research shows that round-robin texts don’t go down well at all so they should be avoided at all costs!”

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