Saturday 19 September 2015

New Christmas musical in book and CD form

Barry the Penguin's Black and White Christmas is a brand new and fun musical written by Lesley Ross and John-Victor.It is adapted by Rachel Bellman with Lesley ross and is sumptuously illustrated with great full colour illustrations by Matt Rowe. It is narrated by Doctor Who's Christopher Eccleston.

It tells the story by the use of the written word in the book and with some well-written and well-performed songs that are on the accompanying CD.

Father Christmas has been kidnapped by the remarkably evil queen of all the bedbugs.

She has an evil plan and she needs Father Christmas to help her put her nefarious plan into effect.

She will use her plan to destroy Christmas... forever!

But all is not lost, for onto the scene comes Barry the Penguin detective. Barry is a skilled, resourceful and brave Penguin detective. But he needs help, help from the chosen one, a little girl called Phoebe, to save Father Christmas.

But can she help? Will she help? Because due to a family tragedy, Phoebe hates Christmas!

Can Barry convince her to help him? If they can't reach Father Christmas before the chimes of midnight, all will be lost. Christmas will be destroyed forever and the bedbug queen's plan will have succeeded!

Or will they succeed with the assistance of the mysterious Wordsmith and of Actavia, the young nun?

This is a fantastic large format book which will be great fun for all the family, as all of the lyrics of the utterly charming and well-performed songs are included in the book for mums, dads, grandparents, children and the rest of the family to enjoy immensely and at only £9.99, this is one Christmas treat you can't afford to miss!

It is available for at the bookshop at sister site on the righthand side of the site.

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