Sunday 13 September 2015

Ben and the Spider Gate

Ben and the Spider Gate is a fantastic hardback book by Angela Fish.

It tells the story of how Ben, an ordinary little boy, discovers an extraordinary secret insect kingdom at the bottom of his own garden.

Ben's Granny is wise and he loves chatting with her, he also has fun playing computer games with Jess, who is his best friend.

He also likes to help his dad train Scoot, their very smart dog, who he loves playing ball with Scoot in the garden.

But one day Ben's life was to change when he met up with Lox, who is the special gate-keeper of the spider Kingdom.

Lox is frantic. He needs the help of Ben to save the spider kingdom from destruction, but how will Ben be able to help save the spider kingdom without leaving his own garden? Without entering the deep, dark Wood?

It is autumn, or leaf fall as it used to be called, many years ago and Ben and Jess must be very brace if the spiders who live in the spider kingdom are to have a safe winter.

He talks things over with his Gran and he soon begins to wonder if his Gran knows more about what is gonig on than she is willing to admit?

It is a stunningly well-written and delightful book for children and parents and very well-illustrated with some engaging and enchanting artwork throughout the book.

It is published by the Book Guild at £12.99 and will make an excellent stocking filler for all children.

It is due for publication on 24th September and will be available via all bookshops and at the book shop at our sister site

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