Sunday, 4 November 2012

Make yours a Niederegger Christmas

When was the last time you had marzipan? Writes Phoebe.

Why was it so long ago? On asking these questions to many of my friends no one could give me a half way good answer. The truth is marzipan is not sold as often as chocolate and similar confectionery and whenever we do buy it we buy the wrong kind.

Bringing in Niederegger, luxury marzipan makers for over two hundred years. The difference in quality between a Niederegger product and some generic maker is instantly noticeable. This is partly due to the fact that Niederegger marzipan is officially classed as one hundred percent marzipan because it is made with a lot more almonds and a lot less sugar.

Niederegger is a company based on centuries of tradition and over the years the family that own and run it have developed a huge range of styles and flavours of their marzipan, often chocolate covered, sometimes flavoured with assorted fruits including sweet banana, ambrosial apricot, zesty clementine, candy strawberry, potatoes shaped sweets, marzipan flavoured cappuccino and many, many more.

Since Christmas is coming and, with everyone in our sector of the industry will be more than aware of this, Niederegger has included an entire traditional Christmas range on top of the plethora of already delicious chocolate covered treats it currently offers. The Niederegger Christmas range ‘Frohes Fest’ is massive and it will appeal to everyone’s tastes from the grand parents to the grand children.

For those that enjoy festively shaped treats there’s the newly designed Christmas selection: it includes star-, crescent moon-, boot-, Christmas tree- and snowman- shaped marzipans each covered with a range of dark, milk and white chocolates.

If you’re looking for a large range of flavours then the new “Marzipanerie in Christmas Sleeve” is perfect as it includes most of the different flavours Niederegger has to offer with its smaller confectionaries. The Traditionalist Christmas enthusiasts would be more than tempted to get both styles of advent calendar, one shaped (as always) in a flat box with mini windows, each filled with a Niederegger marzipan treat; or a very long rectangle, boxing a stack of the chocolate covered marzipans these especially provide luxuriously festive ornamentation for the house with their new Christmas designs of Father Christmas-Red colored boxes, sprinkled with gold stars, reindeer and old wooden ships and other such time-honored symbols tofill the house with Christmas joviality.

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Niederegger have a wide selection of white chocolate covered marzipans as well as icing sugar-sprinkled traditional German Christmas cakes, known as Stollen, including some with the Niederegger twist of marzipan fillings!

So try Niederegger chocolate covered marzipan sweets for Christmas this year and enjoy the two hundred year tradition of indulgence with family, Friends and festivities.

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