Thursday, 15 November 2012

Make your Christmas a Laverstoke Park Farm Christmas!

For some people Christmas is about doing everything themselves. Creating everything from scratch is the way they like it.

But there are others who, due to lack of inclination or a lack of time, really do need to have a greater or lesser degree of help.

Both types of person will love Laverstoke Park Farm, as Laverstoke Park covers everyone's requirements. all your needs.

No matter which wau you need to go, Laverstoke Park – they are an organic and biodynamic farm - they have everything you need to enable you to build the kind of Christmas you want and deserve!

Laverstoke’s organic Norfolk Black Turkeys are slow growing and have pecked their way to their very best on the farm’s pastureland – planted with 31 herbs, clovers and grasses. This ensures a varied and nutrient rich diet, which results in a great tasting turkey. The birds have a depth of flavour with gamey undertones that single them out from all the other mass-produced alternatives. Laverstoke Park Turkeys taste how a turkey should taste, with a succulence only found from slow bred birds on the free range farm.

Some people prefer beef for Christmas dinner. (EDITOR: We have Turkey on Christmas Day and beef on Boxing Day in our house!) Laverstoke Park Farm's Native Angus, one of our oldest and rarest breeds of beef cattle in this country, really is a delicious treat. It is so rare a treat that it's only made available at Christmas and cannot be reared in high volume. 

What would Christmas dinner be without all the trimmings? Take a little shortcut to happiness and order Laverstoke’s very own stuffing? It's a full flavoured and meaty stuffing, with the perfect balance of fresh herbs and seasoning. Or why not go the whole hog (EDITOR: No pun intended) and order the best pork sausage meat from the free range organic outdoor reared pigs at Laverstoke Park and prepare your own?

There will, of course, by Yuletide feasts made up of late night suppers, impromptu lunches and snacks. Be assured that Laverstoke has everything that you could possibly need or desire.

There are cold pies to suit just about everyone's taste. These include Game or Turkey and Cranberry. Or why not opt for the Honey glazed Hams, Breaded Hams and Classic Hams? These are available ready for the table. 

But for a little contrast why not try adding some of Laverstoke’s delicious, perfectly balanced Salt Beef along with the farm’s Buffalo Brie? Delicious and oh so enjoyably satisfying!

A friend told me the other day: "I do not like Turkey. Just pile, my plate high with pigs in blankets and I'll have a happy Christmas!"

Perhaps I should direct her to Laverstoke Park Farm? As their Pigs in Blankets are a renowned as a real crowd pleaser!

They are made with mini organic sausages, wrapped up tight in the farm’s own nitrate free bacon!

Then there are the farm's delicious organic quiches. These come in five delightful varieties: Sundried Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil, Buffalo Brie and Bacon, Leek and Smoked Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Cheese and Bacon and finally Ricotta and Spinach.

And for those of us who like to indulge in something sweet, there's the Buffalo Milk Chocolate, rich creamy and beautifully smooth, and the Buffalo Milk Fudge which is “melt-in-your-mouth” delicious!

Laverstoke Park Farm point out that both are ideal little stocking fillers or for something rather special for the Christmas table.

And do not forget their special organic Christmas Puddings. These are carefully and lovingly made with Laverstoke Ale, mixed fruits, apples, prunes, brandy, treacle and more besides. Which can, of course, be  perfectly topped off with Laverstoke’s real Brandy Ice Cream. This is the pudding of all Christmas Puddings - with full on flavour and depth. 

And please don't forget the Mince Pies - Laverstoke produce the very best with a home-made, farm produced feel, they are organic of course and full flavoured with pastry that has a satisfying bite and are made to founder Jody Scheckter’s family recipe.

And if you want Christmas delivered to you – or a loved one’s - door, either in varying degrees or all in one go – look no further, Laverstoke’s Fresh Hampers have the wow factor – the selection includes the Ultimate Christmas Day Hamper and includes everything you need for the perfect Christmas Day with everything from Turkey and trimmings to the sweet finale! 

And there's a whole lot more, besides: Ales, wines, cheeses and more. To learn about something good for Christmas please visit

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