Sunday, 4 December 2011

‘Have-a-go’ Teenager Embodies the ‘Spirit of Christmas’

• “17 year old Piyush represents all that’s good about the youth of today” says store owner

17 year old Piyush Gohil chased a would-be criminal and retrieved £2,000 of children’s clothing following a dramatic shop theft and chase through Gerrards Cross, Bucks.

He said: “Gerrards Cross is thought of as posh, but teenagers do get stopped by the police here, so it’s nice to do something to show there are good young people out there.”

"It made me feel good."

Piyush was going home on Tuesday 19th November when he spotted a woman running out of Boy Meets Girl, a baby and children’s clothing shop on Packhorse Road, Gerrards Cross at 2pm.

He said: "I’d just finished work at a care home in Harrow and I was walking along the street listening to some music on my headphones. I spotted the woman running out of the shop, which I thought was strange, so I passed my bag to the shop worker and chased after her."

He continued: "When I caught up with her near the train station I asked her what she was doing. She said she needed presents for her children at Christmas and I said it wasn’t alright to steal them, I managed to get the clothes off her before she ran away."

The teenager then returned the girls' dresses, baby clothes and a teddy bear to the grateful shop manager.

Boy Meets Girl shop-owner Clare King said: "He's a local hero. He’s a lovely young man and, to my mind, embodies the spirit of Christmas – he’s caring, considerate and selfless} I’ve two young boys myself and work hard to encourage that sort of attitude and behaviour."

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