Monday, 10 October 2011

Gran Stead’s for Christmas!

You really do need some Gran Stead's real non-alcoholic ginger wine in for the Christmas and New Year Season!

Alcohol free it may well be. But! It's not for the timorous! Gran Stead's has a bite and a kick more associated with a mule than with a so-called soft drink!

It has a traditional and proper taste of real ginger, like ginger drinks used to taste of, until they decided to go all chemical and 'nature identical' on us!

But there's none of that artificial nonsense with Gran Stead's! It gives you exactly what it says on the bottle!

It mixes well with other drinks so can be at home in a glass by itself or as part of a cocktail for Christmas.

It is also your editor's experience that it also helps should you get one of those nasty little Christmas time sniffles! Though warming it up to help make a nice hot toddy is a good idea, here.

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