Sunday, 16 October 2011

Fireman Sam Spin and Rescue Game

The fireman Sam Spin and Rescue Game is a game that will be a sure hit with all fans of the hero of the Welsh Fire Service, Fireman Sam.

Sam and his fellow fire officers are responsible for fire and rescue services in the fictional Welsh coastal town of Pontypandy, where there is always plenty of action for Fireman Sam and his colleagues.

The Fireman Sam Game consists of a Fireman Sam figure, the special electronic spinner the spinner base (actually, a sort of spinning arena) 20 Rescue Cards (broken down into 5 Fireman Sam cards, 5 Tom cards, 5 penny cards and 5 Elvis cards. There are also the hero markers, too.

The object of the game is deceptively simple. You must be the first player to collect all five rescue cards that belong to your hero.

Before the game play can commence, an adult should unscrew the lid on the top of the spinner and put in two AAA batteries (these are sometimes called LR03 batteries) in the battery compartment, ensuring they are the right way round. Close the lid, tighten the screw and place the Fireman Sam figure on the top of it.

Position the spinner base on a flat surface (a table is perfect) then turn the electronic spinner on with the switch on the side and you are ready for action!

The rules are that the youngest player will start the game by taking a hero marker, the player to their left does the same. You can chose any hero you like. You must then slide your marker into one of the slots on the spinner base in front of you.

The game is simple but exciting. The youngest player gives Fireman Sam as powerful a spin as they can. A fire station bell rings! Players must wait until Sam finishes spinning and watch carefully to see who Sam is pointing at. If he stops by your marker, you need to pay particular attention to what he says to you.

He will say one of several phrases which will tell you what you need to do. Can you collect all five hero cards? Go on! It's fun to find out!

The game is loud and exciting and will surely be a hit with confirmed and new Fireman Sam fans! It can be played with 2 to 3 players or with 2 to 4 players.

It will make An ideal Christmas present for fans of a variety of ages!

The Fireman Sam Spin and Rescue Game is available from Argos, Tesco, Toys R Us, The Entertainer, Amazon, priced at £9.99 RRP.

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