Sunday, 18 September 2011

Kids want Gadgets for Christmas!

A new Shopzilla poll reveals what 6-12 year-olds want this Christmas. Santa is not taking austerity measures this Christmas judging by the poll which reveals that electronic pets, laptops, tablets, digital cameras and games consoles are likely to be piled up under the tree this year. On average children in the UK are expecting £167 to be spent on them by their parents, which may not be enough for some of the more costly toys in the list.

£167 is the average amount that 6-12 year olds expect their parents to spend on them in total with more than half anticipating their gifts will cost under £150 in total. The ‘gender pay gap’ may start at a very young age if this Shopzilla survey is any indicator – boys aged 6-12 expect an average of £183 spent on them by their parents this Christmas while the girls are expecting a total of £155 on average – 18% less than the boys. However, Cars 2 toys are just as popular with girls as boys, reaching number five on both male and female Christmas lists.

Kids want to be just like their parents with ‘grown-up’ items such as digital cameras, laptops, iPads and smart phones making the top ten. 14% of the children surveyed no longer play with or use last year’s top gift any more and 12% can’t remember the best gift they received last year.

Neil McCarthy, Sales and Marketing Director at Shopzilla said: “The sheer newness of a must-have item is what attracts many of these young shoppers. It’s not just about getting the right item, it often has to be a certain colour and a particular model. Retailers who anticipate these trends and are able to meet demand will be able to tap into the tech-savvy young market.”

Top 10 most-wanted GIRLS’ toys and gifts:

1. Laptop/tablet
2. Digital camera
3. Nintendo 3DS
4. Electronic Pet
5. Cars 2 Toy
6. A real pet (not a toy)
7. Mobile phone/smartphone
8. Games for a computer console
9. Lego
10. Games Console

Top 10 most-wanted BOYS’ toys and gifts:

1. Laptop/tablet
2. Electronic Pet
3. Nintendo 3DS
4. Digital camera
5. Cars 2 Toy
6. Games for a computer console
7. Lego
8. Mobile phone/smartphone
9. Games Console
10. Moshi Monsters

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