Saturday, 29 October 2016

Schiek Cross Training and Fitness Gloves, the ideal gift

If you have someone in your life who is into cross training and fitness, then Schiek Cross Training and Fitness Gloves are the ideal Christmas gift for them.

They are sturdy and very strongly made and will give years of good, hard work for their proud wearer.

They have special "Easy Off" fins, which are patent protected. There is high comfortable gel padding and they are totally washable, too.

They offer a handy "non-bleeding promise and have a funky and cool mesh back.

There's a reinforced  thumb (EDITOR: More on that, later!) plus the thumb and index finger are both made out of highly useful terry cloth.

Schiek promise that their special Keystone Thumb feature offers the wearer a much better fit around the thumb area.

About this reinforced thumb area. My wife suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and she has had special devices designed and sourced by her specialist.

My wife, out of curiosity, decided to try on the Schiek Model 510 gloves and was immediately absolutely stunned by what happened to her hand.

The pain in her thumb and her wrist vanished within seconds and she said: "Wow! These gloves are giving me much greater support than that special support the hospital provided me with! And that's supposed to be made to my exact measurements!"

(EDITORIAL DISCLAIMER: Obviously neither myself, That's Christmas or Schiek is making any promises as to the efficacy of this product in regards to alleviating the symptoms of conditions like rheumatoid arthritis,  but my wife knows her condition well enough to identify the positive result that had occurred! Schiek do offer a range of medical products, so do, please, check them out.)

The gloves are also made out of a unique synthetic leather material called Amara. It's light, it's breathable and although it has the look of leather and its durability, it's also machine washable and is guaranteed not to stretch upon washing.

And even if you are out and about -the gloves are ideal for weight training, general fitness training and cycling- and you and your gloves get a little wet, then there's no reason to worry, as the unique rubberised Amara pad offers a unique level of grip even in the wet.

The gloves come in a variety of sizes from XS to XXL, so there should be a size for everyone.

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USA price is $26.00.

To buy a range of Schiek gloves and other great, but unusual gifts from Schiek, you can visit our shop at this link here

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