Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Chase Gin and Chase Vodka, the spirit of Herefordshire

Chase Gin and Chase Vodka, can truly be said to be the spirit of Herefordshire.

The English county of Herefordshire, in the West of England, is famed for its apple orchards and its cider production.

However, thanks to the Williams Chase distillery which is based at Rosemaund in Herefordshire, the county is now becoming famous for Chase Vodka and Chase Gin.

The gin is distilled from apples grown on the family's own orchards and distilled on the farm itself.

The gin is described as being elegant and crisp and I cannot find fault in that description.

One can taste the range of botanicals in the gin, with juniper berries predominating, but the use of apples to produce the base spirit rather than grain gives this gin a lift about other, for want of a better word, usual gins.

There is a note of fresh apples in this gin and it plays well with other cocktail ingredients.

Chase Vodka is also made from an ingredient indigenous to English farms, the not-so-humble Potato.

This, too, makes a pleasing change from the more traditional grain spirit based vodkas and the taste is pleasing to the tongue and it, too, works well as the base for a range of vodka-based cocktails.

To learn more about these products please visit  http://chasedistillery.co.uk/. and http://williamschase.co.uk/.

You will also find a wide range of other drinks distilled at the farm.

You can purchase Chase drink products at this link https://goo.gl/iw9nNO

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