Tuesday, 22 December 2015

This is the gift for the budding businessman or businesswoman in your life

Most of us have a friend, or perhaps a family member or loved one who constantly talk about wanting to start a business.

But there's always something that seems to stop them taking the next step.

Eventually, you might begin to wonder of they will ever take the leap and actually do it?

But this Christmas, along with the usual socks, chocolates or soap set, what if you got the ball rolling on their behalf. Buy them something a little bit different? Buy them their dream Company in a Box.

Company in a Box
For £59.99 The Formations Company will send out a gift box which includes a guide and a voucher containing a unique code needed to redeem the gift.

Once the gift has been delivered the recipient just needs to call their Customer Service Team and tell them the unique code.

They'll then help them set up the company of their choice, complete all the necessary paperwork required by Companies House and send out all the official documentation.

Taking the plunge and actually forming a company can be intimidating, but sometimes all you need is the right kind of nudge to get going.

This Christmas they are giving you the chance to do just that for someone you know.

What's Included
Fully formed Limited Company - registered in the UK with Companies House RRP £15.00
Assisted formation - guidance from their formations experts throughout the formations process RRP £40.00 + VAT
Framed Certificate of Incorporation - sent on successful incorporation, on official grade paper and ready for display RRP £25.00 + VAT
Bound copies of the Memorandum and Articles – these are the terms under which the company will be run RRP £14.00 + VAT
Share Certificates - for all the share holders (the owners of the company) RRP £15.00 + VAT
The whole package costs £59.99 and they don't even charge you postage!

To learn more please visit https://www.theformationscompany.com/company-in-a-box-landing

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