Wednesday, 16 December 2015

New Christmas Song from Red Sky July

Red Sky July are an award-wining female trio consisting of husband and wife Ally McErlaine (guitarist from Texas) and Shelly Poole ()Alisha's Attack) with Charioty Hair (of the Alice Band but more latterly The Ailerons with Blur's Dave Rowntree.

Add Experienced and highly accomplished Nashville singer-songwriter Beth Nielson Chapman adding to the vocals on this extraordinary Christmas song.

In this reviewer's opinion, this song deserves to be a Christmas hit this yers and for many more Christmases to come.

The song tells the story of a lover's heartfelt commitment to be there, at Christmas, with their one and only.

It is what I describe as "proper" Country Music, pitch perfect vocals, wonderful harmonies, and guitar playing that used to make the Grand Old Opre what it was during its heyday.

But don't believe me! Order or buy your copy as soon as you can. It is released by Shadowbirds Records SHADOW6P.

You can learn more about Red Sky July at

You can check out the track here

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