Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Men's Health Lab launches new vitamin range for Christmas gifting

Men's Health, the UK's no 1  men's  magazine, has launched into the vitamins   sector with  its new brand Men's Health Lab, to help men release their best   by giving their body and mind an extra  helping hand.  

There's eight easy-to-understand products, so Men’s Health Lab vitamins has made it simpler  for  men to navigate the complicated  vitamins  and supplements  market by developing clear  benefit led vitamins products, designed with  men  and  their busy lifestyles in mind.  

The new comprehensive range is expertly designed to support the specific needs of every man   and utilises the  expertise that Men’s Health has built over nearly three decades in the  health and   fitness industry.  

Developed by the experts of Men's  Health in  partnership with consumer healthcare specialists    Omega Pharma,  men can  be assured each and every product is made only with the highest   quality ingredients,  carefully selected and sourced for optimum health benefits.

The range is split into three distinct segments of advanced vitamins and supplements, tailored  to   support body and  mind:  

• Performance: Mental Focus,  Vit  D3 Max, Cardio Health  & Joint Endurance
• Well-being Multi-­Fit   & Body Defence  
 Energy Energy Release  &  Active Recovery  

Please note that Men's Health Lab products are available via the Amazon powered gift shop which you will find to the top right side of That's Christmas.

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