Monday, 21 December 2015

Discover a world of extraordinary coffee with Union Hand-Roasted

You can discover a world of extraordinary coffee this Christmas with Union Hand-Roasted.

Union Hand-Roasted Coffee, the artisan craft coffee experts, launch 14 new coffees following a total rebrand. The new range features speciality coffees from all over the world, expertly hand-roasted by Union and sourced via the Union Direct Trade sourcing principle.

Despite the popularity of coffeehouses nationwide, a whopping 80% of us still buy instant coffee to drink at home, missing out on the incredible flavours and varieties fresh coffee has to offer. Union’s new range is designed to help consumers discover the joy of speciality coffee at home, with an exciting variety of single origin coffees and signature blends to suit any taste or moment.

Much like wine, the world of speciality coffee can seem baffling to the uninitiated. Union want to make great coffee the norm, so to help consumers navigate the range and enjoy home brewing, each of the new packs includes a simple guide highlighting the distinctive taste profile of each coffee, information on its origins and advice on how best to brew it.

All of the coffees in the range are sourced via Union’s flagship sourcing principle Union Direct Trade, which creates direct, long term partnerships with farmers to improve the quality of both coffee and livelihoods. As a result, all of the coffees in the range are made from the highest quality 100% Arabica beans, and score 84 and above on the ‘Q-grade’ scale which measures the standard of coffee. A score of at least 80 is required to be considered ‘speciality’ coffee.

The new range includes:

House Blend (cafetiere ground) – Union’s original house blend, a bold intensity infused with a deep natural sweetness with notes of dried fruit and milk chocolate.

Natural Spirit (cafetiere ground or wholebean) – a beautiful blend of organically grown coffees, combined to produce a vibrant and zesty taste with notes of toffee fudge and lemon.

Revelation (espresso ground or wholebean) –  Union’s signature coffee, perfectly designed for espresso and enjoyed throughout coffee shops nationwide. It’s a luxurious dark roast, with notes of treacle, dark chocolate and cinnamon.

Bright Note (wholebean) – this light roast blend is smooth and nutty with hints of milk chocolate, the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

Decaf – Blend (cafetiere ground) – Decaf, with no compromises. This is one flavourful, characterful cup – a blend of coffees from smallholder farmers in Rwanda and Sumatra, with caffeine removed by natural process without chemicals. It’s indulgent, rich and full-bodied, with hints of dark caramel.

Single Origins:
Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia (cafetiere ground) – the winner of a 3-star Great Taste Award, this intriguing organic coffee has a unique floral aroma with notes of kumquat and peach.

Maraba, Rwanda (cafetiere ground or wholebean) – this is a fruity and full balanced coffee, with notes of citrus, redcurrant and toffee.

Bobolink, Brazil (cafetiere ground) – lightly roasted, this is a rich coffee with luxurious notes of macadamia and milk chocolate.

Liberacion, Guatemala (cafetiere ground) – this medium roast coffee is rich and full bodied, with notes of dark chocolate and red grape.

Timana, Colombia (cafetiere ground) – this medium roast is a fruity treat with notes of plum, orange blossom and maple syrup.

Gajah Mountain, Sumatra (wholebean) – this dark roast has notes of dark chocolate and treacle for an intensely rich experience.

The new range is available from Waitrose, Ocado and leading fine food stores, with a  RRP of £4.90 to £5.50 for a 200g pack.

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