Sunday, 8 November 2015

Pets need presents, too! Give them the Purr-fect gift this Christmas

-Introducing BLOCKS, the design-your-own playhouse for your cat-

If you are fortunate enough to be the pet of a cat, or you have friends or family who are owned by a cat, (real cat lovers know that they never own a cat, that the cat always owns them!) then there's now a perfect Christmas gift for the cat in your life.

BLOCKS is the must-have playhouse for any feline, especially those who live the somewhat sedentary life of a house or an apartment cat.

BLOCKS incorporates fun and fitness to keep your furry friend feeling healthy and happy.

As well as being your cat's serf, you now get to be their architect, too! You can create the dream playhouse for your cat!

BLOCKS is a flatpack kit produced using recycled biodegradable cardboard.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving for both humans and cats: easy to build into virtually any structure and you can create something new whenever you want with the reusable cardboard connector pieces.

A BLOCKS single package includes cubes, bridges and tunnels, meaning you can build interesting shapes which cats love to play in that easily fit into any space in your house.

BLOCKS comes in various packages and prices:

BLOCKS Single Package - £49.95
BLOCKS Triple Package - £129.95
Mega 10-Pack Deal - £349.95

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