Sunday, 8 November 2015

Looking for gifts for theatre-goers, music or sports fans?

You need look no further! Because we have a  gift idea for anyone who has been to a concert, the theatre or sporting event.

If they still have their event tickets lying around or if you went with them and still have your ticket, you can get it turned into a great gift.

TicketCoaster is a British company that turns your used event tickets (from concerts, sports, theatre etc) into a high quality ‘TicketCoaster’ coaster, which shows off the ticket and can be used every day.
The coasters are rectangular and are hand-made to the size of the actual ticket, which is sandwiched between layers of cork-backed board and clear, heat resistant laminate.

Hand-made in Worcestershire, one TicketCoaster makes a great stocking-filler and a  group of different TicketCoasters from a range of events makes a really interesting set of coasters and a great talking point. Much better than being left in a drawer somewhere and never looked at!
TicketCoasters cost £6 each from

(EDITOR: This idea is pure genius!)

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