Sunday, 21 December 2014

You need Pistachios nuts or Almonds at Christmas? Go Wonderful!

Yes, if you like to have a good supply of Pistachio nuts oe Almonds at Christmas, doesn't it make real sense to ensure that you do have a good supply of Pistachio nuts or almonds for you, your family, your friends and your guests? Pistachio nuts orv almonds that are fresh and tasty which are nutritionally sound and richly satisfying?

Yes! Of course it does! So why do so many people risk buying their nuts from a shabby little so-called pop up shop with a few shelves of bags of nuts that, although labelled as 'fresh' may well be older than some of the people that you know?

Or nuts from a chain of "bargain" shops with bags of nuts with implausible names that came from goodness knows where, but which even the wild birds in your back garden will turn their beaks up at in disgust? Or launch a retaliatory strike on your washing!

Why? Why do people take that risk every year? Is it in the desperate and forlorn hope that one day it might be different?

There is only one way to change this, to ensure that you get the nuts that you need and that your guests deserve and that is to seek out a named brand, well, one named brand in particular, Wonderful Nuts!

They say Wonderful on the packet, and the contents of their packets is, of course, Wonderful.

There are traditional roasted and salted pistachios and something that is more than a little bit unusual for all your fans of pistachio nuts, Sweet Chilli Pistachios!

They also produce a unsalted variety and a salted and peppered type, too!

As for the almonds, they come in blanched, salted and unsalted varieties, too.

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