Thursday, 4 December 2014

Tyrell's go Ho Ho ho for Christmas

Yes, Tyrell's have gone all seasonal, with the launch of some Deep and Crisp and Even crisps.

Called Merry Crisp-Mas, they are made using red and white potatoes which are served up with just the right amount of real sea salt. Enough to tickle your tastebuds but not enough to make you too thirsty.

And being Tyrell's Crisps you know that the potatoes were properly sourced (sauced, even? Sorry, so very sorry about that!)  and then lovingly and carefully hand cooked and carefully packed (with cute photos to give you a bit of a laugh, too!) and sent on their way to you to enjoy.

They are also vegan friendly (no vegans were harmed in the creation of these crisps)  and a 150g bag should cost you about £2.19.

They'll be ideal for the crisp bowl at your next party, so do put them on the shopping list before you forget.

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