Saturday, 6 December 2014

T'Was A Death Before Christmas

Ever year the good folks of the small English country village of Mid-Trimming come together to enjoy themselves and to entertain their neighbours by singing Christmas Carols as they wander through the streets of their picture perfect village.

At the end of their evening of traditional wassailing custom and practice has it that they all gather together for a final, special Christmas party before the advent of Christmas Day, itself.

This year the venue for the party is the Manor House, which is owned by the wealthy miser, Bob Scratchitt.

Everyone had been bemused by his agreement to play the host, but they were shocked to find him dead in his own lounge!

Who wanted Bob dead? Carole Singer? Jacques Frost? Holly Reath? Declan Halls? Gaye Buntin? Chris Tingle? Silvia Bells? Or perhaps it was Noel Nowell?

The game pack contains instructions, invitations and envelopes, character booklets, name labels and place settings plus some suggestions for making the most of the theme and some recipe suggestions.

There's a CD a DVD and a script for the character of the police inspector, who guides you through the mystery and provides the solution at the end.

It's a game that's suitable for ages 13 and up.

It is available from Red Herring Games at

T'was a death before Christmas is for 6-12 players and costs £ 19.99.

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