Thursday, 18 December 2014

Travelling tips for Christmas

It has been said that it is only when we are lost that we begin to understand ourselves (Henry David Thoreu, it was, who said this) and sometimes we need a little time alone in a new setting to allow ourselves to be captivated by history, culture, fine cuisine or shopping.

Novelist Thérèse, was so enlightened by time spent in Paris one Christmas that she was inspired to write her latest novel, Letter from Paris, a witty and glamorous account of a trip to the city of light and romance.

“Travelling alone can be daunting, especially during the holidays - the idea of stepping off the plane into the unknown without a companion can seem alien– but believe me it can be one of the most liberating things you’ll do. Sitting in a café with a crisp glass of wine, a good book to read  and the delights of watching the world go by- is bliss and something you don’t appreciate until you try – after all, there’s always the possibility of  a handsome stranger or old friend to entertain you if you’re desperate for a little conversation.”

Thérèse has compiled 5 essential tips for travelling alone this Christmas:

1.       Look up old friends and business contacts through online channels and let them know of your impending arrival.  Don’t be too rigid with your plans as it could impinge on exciting opportunities to meet new people (perhaps even  under the mistletoe)
2.       Enjoy a glass of Sancerre before you set out for the evening, it will relax and reinvigorate you.
3.       Stay in a boutique hotel, the setting is almost guaranteed to be unique and charming, as well as elegantly festive. Often, boutique hotel bars are exclusive and intimate allowing you to meet like-minded guests travelling alone
4.        Buy a beautiful journal and note down your thoughts and musings; this will allow you to reflect on your time when and more importantly ‘if’ you decide to head home…
5.       Follow the footsteps of your favorite author / character from a book set in the city you are visiting, as well as providing inspiration for the book in you, you see the city in a different light. I followed Ines de la Fressange’s guide book Parisian Chic and every day felt like an adventure.
Read more about Thérèse’s adventures at www.thereseblogs and pick up her latest novel ‘Letter from Paris’, published by The Story Plant and available from Amazon $11.71, as well as on Kindle.

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