Sunday, 21 December 2014

The zodiac Guide to Successful Relationships and Careers

The zodiac Guide to Successful Relationships and Careers written by Y Kwan Loo is a truly amazing book.

It's strapline is "How research-based Western and Chinese astrology can help you make the big decisions in life."

That's a pretty big claim and after looking through the book (aided by an astrologer, as That's Christmas is nothing if not thorough!)  we had to come to the conclusion that this book is, indeed, the real deal and that, to once again mine shamelessly in the rich seam of the cliche, that this book does, indeed, do what it says on the tin.

The author has spent many years on deep analysis of multiple streams of data and has woven them together to form a synthesis of a theory of how we all work together in reference to our star signs, both Western and Chinese.

The data that he has amassed and processed covers, amongst other items, nearly 1,000 different careers and reachsearch based on a staggering array of people, in excess of 24,000, to be honest!

We checked our entries in the book and were more than a little intrigued to see that the book had correctly identified our major character traits but had also accurately listed our likely career fields, too.

It also shows which media personality also matches your sign.

The book also has a chapter that uses public examples of notable business or romantic relationships, pointing out a variety of points where astrology indicated good and bad aspects.

The book will make an ideal Christmas present for the dedicated follower of astrology or the person who is curious and who wishes to learn more about the world around them.

It is published by Mereo Books, the ISBN is 978 1 86151 202 4.

It costs £12.99 and can be bought at Barnes and Noble,, Waterstones,, WH Smiths and Google Books.

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