Sunday, 21 December 2014

The Well Travelled Gourmet's Jolly Hot Chilli Sauce

For those who like something a bit different here's The Well Travelled Gourmet's Jolly Hot Chilli Sauce.

It is hot, but not implausibly, impossibly, hot. It is sweet, yet it is the natural sweetness one would expect from well-chosen and properly preserved and properly cooked green chillies.

What can you do with Jolly Hot Green Chilli Sauce at Christmas time?

What about using it to make a delightful dip for some mozzarella cheese dippers? Or what about using them with some of those lovely hand cooked crisps that you like?

What about adding it to the gravy for the turkey? Obviously, not unless you tell everyone what you have done as some people (sadly) don't like chillies.

What about the turkey? There are recipes for preparing your humble Christmas dinner bird into something of a super bird, using chilli sauce, so why not?

Obviously you can use it on Boxing Day to boost the inevitable turkey curry, or go all out and produce a Thai special dish with it?

Or how about a nice turkey chilli?

Remember, folks! Google is your friend, you can find lots of neat recipes at or

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