Saturday, 20 December 2014

The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game

It's a new game from Rascals and it's set to take Christmas by storm in families up and down the length and breadth of the UK this Christmas!

You know all those nice, worthy family games with an emphasis on fairness and decency? Well, that doesn't describe The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game!

This is a game for the rest of us! It's described as "The competitive family game of bluffing, double-crossing and fun!"

It's for two to six player ages 12 to adult.

You have to earn prize money with your own horses. Or perhaps you will secretly amass great wealth (or not?) by attempting to secretly back another horse.

And here's were the Really Nasty aspect of the game comes in, because you can wreck the outcome of the race by bringing your Really Nasty cards in to play to sabotage the outcome of the race!

But do watch out! Other members of your clan would very well pull the same evil stunt and do you out of the outcome of the race that you had set your heart on!

It's an award-winning game and it is clear to see why this is the case as there will be plenty of fun, excitement and mayhem in your family should you invest in this game!

There's everything you will need for your day at the races, including a bookies' board and a dry marker, a large wad of money, horses, jockeys, a riderless horse, race cards, and 24 Really Nasty cards.

The game is available from toy stores and and should cost about £20.00 or so.

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  1. My wife is raving about this game. She says it is well worth every penny. In fact she thought it should cost twice as much as the actual price.