Saturday, 13 December 2014

The perfect Christmas present for the car owner in your life

Turtle Wax have been producing the ideal car preparation and detailing products for several generations of careful drivers.

Now they have two new products that are sure to suit the car enthusiasts in your life.

There's the excellent Refine and Shine Clay Bar Kit at £16.99.

It provides the ultimate in vehicle surface preparation. Simply use the non-abrasive clay bar to safely shift hard to remove contaminants to rub over the surface of a newly washed car. There's even a special spray bottle of Clay Bar Lubricant, too. Use it with any Turtle Wax protective waxing product and the difference will be outstanding.

However, as comedian Jimmy Cricket would say: "But there's more!" and there is, in the form of the Turtle Wax Black Box Detailing Kit at £24.99.

Black is again becoming the number 1 colour amongst many car fans most who work hard to keep their black beauty of a motor car in tip top showroom shape.

This is now easier, with the help of yet another fantastic Turtle Wax product, the Black Box Detailing Kit.

What's in it?

Black pre-wax cleaner, special black caranuba blend wax, a black spray detailer, an applicator cloth, a sponge applicator and a microfibre cloth.

Just add some elbow grease and your pride and joy is back with its showroom shine.

Two great Christmas gifts for the driver in your life.

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