Sunday, 21 December 2014

The Girl on the Pier

The Girl on the Pier is a new novel by Paul Tomkins.

It concerns the story of Patrick Clement, a skilled and expert forensic sculptor who helps recreate in 3-D renditions, the features of the corpses of unidentified human remains.

There are interwoven threads of different and apparently disparate threads.But are they quite as disparate and as different as one might think at first sight? 

Or are darker, more evil forces at work here?

There's a damaged and brutalised marriage, a wrecked piece of art, a love lost before it is even breathed about, let alone consummated after an extremely brief encounter on Brighton Pier one oh so very hot summer's day, years previously. 

Then there is a skull of a girl who has been unidentified for almost five decades, after she was found, the victim of a murderer, also on Brighton Pier in the early 1970s.

Who is the mysterious artist's model, Black? What is the link with the artist who painted the damaged artwork, Jacob Dyer?

Is there a connection with the murder of the girl back in the early 1970s? If so, how deep does that connection go? Who is the killer?

If you know someone who likes tightly written, compelling psychologically driven mystery novels, then you really must get this book for them. It will make them a very welcome Christmas present. 

It is published by Matador at £8.99, the ISBN is 978 1784621 049.

It is available through bookshops and can be purchased via the Amazon-powered book shop at the sister site of That's Christmas, That's Books:

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