Thursday, 4 December 2014

Sugru is an ideal gift for the crafters in your life

Sometimes, people can be quite difficult to buy presents for. Especially the creative folks in your life.

That's Christmas has found an ideal item for a Christmas gift for the crafters in your life.

It is Sugru which is a special mouldable glue, and which is now available in special limited edition Silver Grey and five awesome new colours varieties, specially for Christmas.

What can crafters do with Sugru? They can stick it permanently to lots of different surfaces. Such as glass, metal, wood and most plastics and even some fabrics, too.

But that's only the first stage. At the second stage they will be able to shape it to build up, make, seal or repair. Or even stick things together.

At the third stage they can give it 24 hours and, guess what? At the end of the 24 hour period, Sugru turns into a durable and flexible silicone rubber compound that stays exactly where  they left it. Or at least, until they decide to remove it.

Sugru comes in handy resealable pocket sized tins and was invented by Jane and is made in the UK "with science and love."

To learn more about this amazing product you can visit

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