Thursday, 4 December 2014

Some Seasonal Specials from Kettle Chips

Fans of proper crisps, in particular aficionados of the Kettle Chips range will be pleased to know that the clever folks at Kettle Chips have taken the very wise decision to introduce some corkingly  good special limited edition seasonal varieties for this Christmas and New Year.

Yes, 'tis the season to be merry and there are three new very good reasons to be even more merry this Christmas, with these three Winter warmers from Kettle Chips.

There's Cheshire Cheese  with Red Wine and Cranberry, Salsa and Mesquite flavour (re-introduced as a result of popular demand) and my own person favourite, Stilton and Port flavoured Kettle Chips.

But as one would expect with the fine folks at Kettle, there's none of that "nature identical" nonsense you get with some people!

When Kettle do something, they do it right. They use real Stilton produced by one of only five dairies in England legally allowed to make and sell real English Stilton blue veined cheese and real port careful chosen from wineries deep within the Douro Valley of Portugal. 

They say they chose a rich ruby port, and this they certainly did! 

Apparently these crisps are all designed for sharing at Christmas or New Year's Eve parties with friends and family members during a cosy night in.

Why not try the Stilton and port with some real Stilton and port?  

The crisps made for a real treat whilst my wife and I were watching the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol and that's a tradition of ours dating back 20 years. Along with some Harvey's Bristol Cream, too!

Happy Christmas, everyone!

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