Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Shop While You Pit-Stop This Christmas! Welcome Break Is 2014’s Go-To Destination For Last Minute Gifts

Welcome Break, the friendly and helpful motorway services provider, has released its Last Minute Gift List for Christmas 2014, with ideas designed to soothe the minds of weary travellers who need to shop while they pit-stop this festive season.

The volume of drivers stopping at a Welcome Break service station over Christmas has increased year-on-year over the past four years, and last year an incredible 43,000 cars used Welcome Break on Christmas Day, alone.

All 27 Welcome Break sites will be open for the full 24 hours of Christmas Day, so this means they are a remarkable and highly valuable resource for those travelling between their families and friends on the big day, or even those who have to work on Christmas Day.

Keeping this in mind,Welcome Break has put together a list of the Top 10 gifts that can be bought now at its sites nationwide, from a range of popular and high end brands like Starbucks, Baylis & Harding, Burt’s Bees and Hope & Greenwood.

There’s sure to be the perfect gift for everyone you can think of, be they a beauty mad teen or the foodie who appreciates the finer things in life:

1. For the coffee addict: Starbucks red Rudolph mug (£12.95) with Christmas coffee (£5.95 for 250g)
2. For the niece and nephews: Top Trumps sets (two for £10 at WH Smith)
3. For the beauty addict: Baylis & Harding Beauticology Gingerbread foot set (£8 at WH Smith)
4. For those with a sweet tooth: Krispy Kreme festive dozen (£10.95 for 12)
5. For the foodie: Heston from Waitrose Chocolate Christmas Cake (£16)
6. For the worn-out parent: Hope & Greenwood cuddle up Christmas set (£12 from Waitrose)
7. For the kids: Wallace Christmas Bear (£10 from Waitrose)
8. For the gardener: Royal Horticultural Society Wax Lyrical candle and diffuser gift set (£11.25 from Waitrose)
9. For the little princess: Tangled DVD (£9.99) and Brave DVD (£9.99, both from WH Smith)
10. For the host: Christmas rose gift (£6 from Waitrose)

Rod McKie, who is the CEO of Welcome Break told That's Christmas: “With more and more people travelling between friends and relatives on December 25th, we've seen visitor numbers increasing to the tune of around 12% year on year. When you throw increasingly busy lifestyles into the mix, then it’s understandable that Welcome Break is becoming a top destination for last minute shoppers who want to find high quality gifts on the last leg of their Christmas journeys.

“Fortunately the increasingly wide range of premium brands we have on site at Welcome Break, like Starbucks, Waitrose, and WH Smith, all offer a vast range of gift options so our customers are sure to find something for everyone.”

EDITOR: WH Smith, forecourt and toilet facilities will be open at every Welcome Break on Christmas Day for the full 24 hour period. Starbucks and Waitrose will be open, but please be aware that times will vary from site-to-site, but the core hours will be 8am – 10pm. But all sites will have hot drink facilities available whatever the individual store opening times.

Items mentioned above will, of course, be subject to availability. Stock and pricing may vary from store to store

Welcome Break has recently announced a new partnership with the Subway, and branches have opened at ten Welcome Break locations to date. It has also partnered with salad bar brand Tossed and has two units now open at Birchanger Green and South Mimms. Welcome Break also operates 29 Days Inn and Ramada hotels across the UK motorway network.

To find out where the stores and hotels are located, please visit

That's Christmas has a sneaky idea. If you suddenly realise that you are short of a present, perhaps something is broken, or you find out at the last minute that your family's version of Uncle or Aunt Scrooge,  after years of declining invitations to spend Christmas with you has, with the assistance of some Christmas Spirits (Scotch or Gin, perhaps?)  why not get in your car, go to the nearest Welcome Break facility, buy a suitable replacement or emergency Chirstmas present and you'll be the family Christmas hero for years to come!

And all with the help of those unsung heroes and heroines, the Welcome Break staff who will be sacrificing some of their Christmas Day to make sure that your Christmas Day goes well.

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