Sunday, 21 December 2014

Rosebud Preserves are jars of pure joy

Yes, Rosebud Preserves are jars of pure joy. The jar of pure joy that we partook of was a jar of Rosebud Preserve's Ampleforth Abbey Beer Fruit Chutney.

It is dark and extremely fruity chutney, It is made with Ampleforth Abbey's delicious beer, cider vinegar, onions, sugar (unrefined, of course!) prunes. dates, apricots, sea salt, allspice and cayenne pepper.

The result is a dark and thick chunky beer fruit chutney that is an ideal accompaniment for cheeses (such as Wensleydale, mature cheddar and Shepherd's Purse cheeses and also it is wonderful with sliced turkey, so is a must have for Boxing Day turkey sandwiches.

To learn more about their range or to buy online please visit

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