Monday, 29 December 2014

Resolve to say "No" to New Year Resolutions!

A top organisation for men has issued a surprising call for men to be brave and ignore the clamour for them to make some form of  New Year Resolution or an other and to just say no!

In fact, Round Table is offering a place of sanctuary to men who don’t want to  make a pledge to go on a diet, swear off alcohol or to join a gym.

Round Table, which has a staggering 400 clubs across the United Kingdom and Ireland for men who range in ages from aged 18-45, is promising to remain a resolution free zone and it's actively encouraging men to seek refuge in their local club.

The ringing in of the ‘New Year’ provides a chance to look at life and make changes.

But with nearly 80% of men and women failing to stick to their resolutions, Round Table is throwing open its doors to men who want to do more, but who do not want to risk stigmatising themselves as failures.

Steve Glaister, the president of Round Table Britain & Ireland, told That's Christmas: “New Year is about celebration and making the most of life…not a punishment pledge to radically alter our lifestyle.

“The high failure rates show resolutions are futile. This is why we believe they should be abolished. Why feel a failure for not keeping to a resolution?

“As a result, Round Table pledges to remain a New Year Resolution free zone, offering a safe haven for those wanting to celebrate life, to do more and feel a success.

“This is a chance for men from all walks of life to try something new. There are no strings attached. I urge men to discover a world of new activities and new skills.”

Round Table is offering men in the 18-45 age bracket a free night out with their nearest club in January 2015, with no resolution needed.

To learn more text JOIN and your postcode to 60066 to receive your invitation!

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