Sunday, 7 December 2014

Pick some good quality picks for the guitarist in your life

The guitarist in your life, be they a neophyte or a long-established guitar player will need to protect their fingers. And their are many trips and techniques that they can learn from older guitarists, from their guitar teacher, from the Internet and from YouTube.

But the one sure fire method of protecting their fingers that all seasoned guitarists, professional and amateur, will swear by are guitar picks.

But not any old guitar picks will do!

They have to be good, solid and dependable, guitar picks they will not bend, break or bow, that will be able to help them get the best performances ever from their guitars.

In short, they have to be decent, professionally designed and professionally made guitar picks.

One such manufacturer of professional, high grade, quality guitar picks is Jim Dunlop over at where you will see more guitar picks than you ever thought possible!

There are guitar picks for every conceivable type of guitar music. A favourite with many guitarists is the Jimi Hendrix range, for example "The Jimi Hendrix Hear My Music Pick Tin contains six picks with unique images of Jimi playing the music that made him famous. Gauges: Medium."

They are available in the UK via Amazon and most good guitar dealers up and down the country. Remember, Google is your friend. Google "Jim Dunlop Guitar Picks" but have Google set to "UK Search only".

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