Saturday, 6 December 2014

More great products from Wasgij

Wasgij has produced some more stunningly inventive gifts that will be keeping you and your family entertained all through Christmas and beyond.

Wasgij products give everyone the very real opportunity to use their skill, ingenuity and the power of their imaginations.

Yes, it's the Wasgij Christmas Puzzle!

Dom't puzzle what you see, puzzle what will happen next!

What? Really? Yes, really! Becaue Wasgij isn't 'just' a jigsaw, it's something that is much, much more than that.

You have the picture, but now you have to work out what happens next!

Sounds like fun? Well, yes, it is! But the folks at Wasgij will not leave you completely in the dark, they provide you with a number of very helpful hints and indications as to how you can proceed.

There are two versions of the Wasgij Christmas puzzle, one for children and the other for adults.

The adult version offers you not only the pleasure and fun of trying to crack the puzzle, but also the opportunity to win a cool £10,000 cash prize and special Wasgij goodies, too!

Just visit for more details. They are available on Amazon and other online retailers and from high street toy and gift retailers, too, the adult version should cost about £15.00.

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