Saturday, 20 December 2014

More Frozen Fun this Christmas

Frozen is another of those Disney cartoons that have apparently taken the world by storm with children and their parents singing the songs and children hoping for Frozen products in their Christmas stocking this year.

One such product is a delightful SuperColor Frozen Glitter Puzzle from Clementoni.

It's designed with a serious purpose in mind, to assist your child in developing their manual dexterity, their use of logical thinking and their observational skills.

However, the main reason that you will be buying this puzzle is because you know that your child or children will love to complete it as it is based on and around the storyline of Frozen and the characters that they know and love so well.

Perhaps mums and dads and grandparents will join in the fun on Christmas morning as the puzzle is completed? Perhaps even humming along to the tunes from Frozen that they will demand are played?

You can learn more at

The game is available from good toy retailers and also from online retailers such as

It should cost around £10.00.

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