Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Make Christmas come to light this year with Cool Circuits

Everyone is always on the lookout for the perfect game to play on Christmas Day (and beyond, too!)

Enter Cool Circuits(tm) from Maps Toys. – It’s an award-winning puzzle that will challenge every member of the family and is guaranteed to light up your Christmas...quite literally!

Cool Circuits(tm) features a chunky white circuit board and eight fluorescent 3D puzzle pieces.

All you have to do is solve the 40 different challenges! You can begin with an easy challenge then when you think you are a Cool Circuits(tm) whiz move on to practically impossible!

Choose a puzzle card and create the circuit loop shown and watch the board flash and illuminate with lights and music if you join each circuit correctly.

Cool Circuits(tm) emphasises abstract thinking and spatial reasoning and we defy you not to get hooked by Boxing Day. It should cost £24.99 and it is available from Prezzybox.

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