Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Lots of fantastic Christmas games from SAMBRO

Top of its game (if you'll pardon that expression!) UK toy firm SAMBRO has a wide variety of games to entertain the whole family this Christmas.

Get toddlers in a spin with the brand new Spin Off Mickey Mouse and Spin Off Minnie Mouse games. As Mickey spins, hang various items on him such as keys, an umbrella, a watch and a mobile phone...but do it quickly before the timer runs out and all the items pop off. Whoever hangs the most on Mickey wins.

Little girls will love Spin Off Minnie...watch how she spins in her pretty pink polka dot dress and hand as many co-ordinating items onto her before the timer runs out. Place cool shades, a pink handbag, a lollipop and much more. Priced at around £25 and available from ToysRUs.

For spooktacular fun, the Zed the Zombie Unrest in Pieces game is a sure-fire hit. Activate the timer on the base unit and then race against the clock to put Zed's body parts and accessories back together.

Hit the stop button before the time runs out - fail and Zombie parts will fly everywhere! Yuck! Priced at around £25 from ARGOS & ToysRUS.

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