Sunday, 21 December 2014

Lillian. A book by Dorothy Blake

Lillian is the biography of Lillian Vickers.

She was a pretty girl, typical of many girls of her time, when she went to work on a farm.

The story tells of the often hard life that Lillian and her family suffered, of ill-health and fortunes, some good, some bad.

It relates tales of the strong bonds that run deep through the generations of the families involved in the life of Lillian. And also, in a way, it tells the life stories of thousands of other Lillians and Susans, and Marys who also lived lives of hardship, deprivation and of love and loss, hope and heartbreak.

Because although this is Lillian's story, it is their story and our story, too. For the vast majority of us have Lillians in the history of our families.

If you are buying presents for someone of farming stock, or someone who is just interested in social history or in biography, this book will be an ideal Christmas present for them.

It is published by Austin MaCauley at £6.99, the ISBN is 978 1 78455 057 8.

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