Saturday, 20 December 2014

Letter from Paris, a new novel

Buying a Christmas present for someone who is keen on romantic novels? Then you need look no further, as Letter From Paris will be the right choice for them.

It is written by Therese, and is a continuation of the story of India Butler. (You may have met India in the novel India's Summer, if not, you could well buy that for your friend, too).

India is 40 and sort of still single.

She has always had a longing for something that may well be, at least in part, somewhat unattainable.

She desires to be French, she desires je ne sais quoi, to speak better French, to act and live like a Frenchwoman.

And what better place to pursue this dream than the capital of France, Paris?

But there are problems in her life, those little things that niggle away at us. She doesn't entirely trust the long-distance love of her life, Adam. But should she be more trusting of him? Or not?

Her life seems to be spread over several continents, and the life of her and her friends are chaotic and made so by their own flawed decisions and the flawed or arguably bad decisions of other people.

There's LA, there's London, there's Paris and Las Vegas and raw human emotions of love, lust, betrayal and redemptions, that are interwoven by novelist Therese to create a story that is compelling, romantic, realistic and refreshingly honest.

It's published by The Story Plant. The cover price is $13.95, the ISBN is 978-1-61188-141-7.

It is available from good book retailers and also online from the Amazon Book store (£8.76, paperback) at

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